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A winter marquee wedding? A superb idea!

While it is not the most common choice, a winter wedding can provide you with a stunning setting for your day. A fantastic way to do this is with the wedding marquee hire Manchester loves. You can be right in the middle of it all and enjoy the beauty of nature.

A Beautiful Setting

Couples considering a winter wedding will want the perfect white setting. The best way to do this may be to have the event outside. This is a dream theme for some people and for others it can be a revelation of how brilliant it is.

You can incorporate the idea of white and nature into your day, even if it is just through flowers. There are a number of plants that bloom at this time of year as well as white roses. With the help of our clear span marquee, you can blend the inside and out. Or with our other options that use white walls, you can keep the theme going for a crisp look.

Warm And Cosy

The biggest concern with this event is the cold weather and we recognise this. But, there is no reason for you to worry as there are steps you can take to ensure no one is left shivering.

Firstly, keep the setting in mind throughout your planning and inform your guests. This allows you and everyone else to prepare their outfits. An even better method is through the use of heaters in the space. You don’t have to go find some yourself; we offer these too along with other pieces of helpful equipment.

You will also want to use lighting to make the space bright and romantic. This is also good for when the night draws in as the dark comes early at this time of year. Then, you can continue to celebrate without worry. We can even help with our flooring options to ensure you don’t have to deal with unstable or damp ground.

Stand Out

You will be able to create a memorable event this way for you as well as your guests. You can design the setting you want with different decorations on the plain backdrop. Finally, you have a lot more freedom with where you can set up and very few restrictions.

Marquee Hire 4 You would love to help you make your day an amazing one. Book the wedding marquee hire Manchester relies on and give us a call today; we can help anyone looking at planning in advance or cater for short term plans.

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