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Decorate with some lighting and accessories

You may currently be looking for the finest garden marquees Manchester has. We’re happy to tell you that we supply them. Our team stocks a wide collection, offering many styles as well as several sizes. With a marquee you’ll have the ideal atmosphere for the day, no matter what the event is.

The greatest part about hosting a party inside a marquee is that you have a readymade venue. You can erect it anywhere you desire. Of course, there are certain considerations you’ll still need to make. We have gone into more detail about them below so you make the right arrangements.

What lighting do you need?

Marquees are freestanding venues. As such, you can adapt the lights to match the ambience and theme you’re aiming to create. Eventually, you must decide what the most fitting lighting to use will be. Once you get to this point, think about how long the party will last. It may get dark long before people decide to go home. In this case, you must make sure that you light the exterior and interior areas. You can also play around with the type of lighting and colour.

Distinguishing areas

There’s something else you need to think about in regards to lighting. You must determine whether you want to use it to differentiate some spaces from others. Star lights are popular, especially if there is a dance floor.


It wouldn’t hurt to have a few accessories either. After deciding on a venue, some people become unsure about what direction to take with the decor. The marquee you pick will most definitely stand out. However, the decorations and accessories will truly personalise everything.

At Marquee Hire 4 You, we cater for everyone who is looking for a different kind of venue solution. Not everyone wants a traditional function space like a hotel. As an alternative, they seek out the top garden marquees Manchester can offer. We are always happy to supply them.

If you would like a marquee yourself, please get in touch with us. We can offer a full consultation to help clients choose the right service, furnishings, decor, and more.

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