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Dos and Don'ts for planning a marquee event

When you arrange an event, it should be simple to plan a great day. As the leading provider of marquee hire Manchester can count on, we have set out some helpful tips to ensure this is the case for you. The guide will also help you avoid some common issues people face.

Do Remember Your Budget

Holding an extravagant event can be something memorable and amazing, but going over what you afford can leave you in trouble. You don’t want to be stood around everyone as they have a good time while you are worrying about how much you have spent, right? It is easy to find a balance; all you need to do is keep how much you are looking to spend in mind as you plan. You will still end up with something amazing, but this way it will be affordable.

Do Think About Location And Guests

With the versatility of marquees, you get to use your freedom to pick the perfect location. So, your first step is working out how many guests will be attending. You can then pick a marquee big enough for everyone and an area large enough to house it. A good option is to pick somewhere that is easily accessible for guests so that they do not have to travel too far. This helps to keep everyone happy.

Don’t Ignore Lighting

Depending on when you are holding your event, you may need to use lighting. This avoids people stumbling around in the dark, both inside and out of the marquee. If you have it there, then at least you have the option to keep your event running later into the day if you change your mind. We can help provide lighting options along with other furniture and equipment that you may like, including flooring.  

Don’t Underestimate The Weather

This is Britain after all and we are known for our rather wet and unpredictable weather. You should not assume that on the day in question you will have correctly predicted the conditions. This is why you should pick a marquee big enough for all of your guests so that they have somewhere sheltered just in case. Heating may also be beneficial in case the temperature drops. This is another thing we can assist you with.  

For whatever reason you are looking to the first class marquee hire Manchester loves, you can always rely on us. Reach out to Marquee Hire 4 You today at 07933488539 for more information.

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