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Dos and Don'ts for planning a marquee event

When you arrange an event, it should be simple to plan a great day. As the leading provider of marquee hire Manchester can count on, we have set out some helpful tips to ensure this is the case for you. The guide will also help you avoid some common issues people face.

Do Remember Your Budget

Holding an extravagant event can be something memorable and amazing, but going over what you afford can leave you in trouble. You don’t want to be stood around everyone as they have a good time while you are worrying about how much you have spent, right? It is easy to find a balance; all you need to do is keep how much you are looking to spend in mind as you plan. You will still end up with something amazing, but this way it will be affordable.

Do Think About Location And Guests

With the versatility of marquees, you get to use your freedom to pick the perfect location. So, your first step is working out how many guests will be attending. You can then pick a marquee big enough for everyone and an area large enough to house it. A good option is to pick somewhere that is easily accessible for guests so that they do not have to travel too far. This helps to keep everyone happy.

Don’t Ignore Lighting

Depending on when you are holding your event, you may need to use lighting. This avoids people stumbling around in the dark, both inside and out of the marquee. If you have it there, then at least you have the option to keep your event running later into the day if you change your mind. We can help provide lighting options along with other furniture and equipment that you may like, including flooring.  

Don’t Underestimate The Weather

This is Britain after all and we are known for our rather wet and unpredictable weather. You should not assume that on the day in question you will have correctly predicted the conditions. This is why you should pick a marquee big enough for all of your guests so that they have somewhere sheltered just in case. Heating may also be beneficial in case the temperature drops. This is another thing we can assist you with.  

For whatever reason you are looking to the first class marquee hire Manchester loves, you can always rely on us. Reach out to Marquee Hire 4 You today at 07933488539 for more information.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Don't want to blow the bank? Use a garden marquee!

As we get further into the year and summer draws to a close, it is a great time to get outside while you still can. Regardless of the weather though, as the providers of garden marquees Manchester loves, we can help you host your event.

You Can Still Impress On A Small Budget

If you are looking to spend some time with people you care about, a party is a great choice. If you do it the right way, you can make the most out of the time and your money while still making amazing memories.


So many people love using our marquees because they provide a shelter for the event. When it comes to finding a place to put it though, you have various options. The most sensible is to utilise your own garden space for free. If this is not an option, there are plenty of other spaces to think about, including the beach and local parks. Just check if you need permission. You may also know someone willing to let you use their space.


You can keep people busy with ease if you put some thought into it. You could be your own DJ by either asking people for their music input or creating a playlist. It doesn’t have to be complicated, a simple speaker and music you already own gives your guests something to listen to.

Food and Drink

Asking people to contribute on the food and drink is simple. It also means everyone will have something that they will eat and there will be a selection. Keep it as a buffet table, or ask for items you can BBQ. Try getting people to decide on certain items and let you know. This will avoid you having everyone show up with the same things.

The Little Things

You cannot forget about lighting, seating and heating. With our equipment and furniture hire, this is simple. Or, you can use various options like picnic blankets and chairs.

Decorations can also be simple and cheap and no one will care, the littlest of things will do. Why not try asking people to make a decoration themselves for the night that they can take home afterwards? Then you have an activity and decorations in one.

Hold a great event with the help of Marquee Hire 4 You. You can choose from a range of garden marquees Manchester trusts for durability and quality. Our services are reliable and the prices are fantastic too.

Posted 4 weeks ago

What to remember when planning a marquee event

Being the providers of premier party tents Manchester loves, we want your experience to be a smooth one. So when you are looking to hold an event of any kind, remember to ask yourself the following questions. This way you can avoid some of the common mishaps people face.

How Many People?

It can be hard to get an exact number of guests. They may forget to tell you they’re coming or drop out at the last minute. However an estimate is vital so that you know which size marquee you need. Otherwise you may have people cramped and uncomfortable in a small space. On the other hand, going overboard can make you feel as if you’re in a ghost town. You do have plenty of sizes to choose from with us so keep a rough number in mind.

Where Will It Be?

The beauty of a tent is that you have a lot of freedom in terms of where you hold your event. With some places though, you do need to get permission to set one up. It tends to be easy enough to do but only if you give yourself enough time in the first place. You cannot assume that they will be fine with it or that there aren’t already plans in place for other people.

What Else Do You Need?

Once you have booked you can think about all the other parts you will need. Of course, this will depend on the reason behind your event. The things that most people need are seating and decorations. You don’t want to get this wrong or forget any aspects so think it through carefully. Then you can keep everyone happy.

What Is Your Budget?

A tent can be a great way to hold an event while keeping the costs down. But to ensure that you don’t get carried away with spending money on other aspects, you need a budget. You don’t have to spend much to have a great time though. If you set a limit and stick to it, you will be able to enjoy yourself rather than worrying about the money spent. At Marquee Hire 4 You, we want you to have a great setting for your event.

Whatever your reasons are, book the highest quality party tents Manchester has today. We can set everything up for you, ensuring it is safe and stable. We also offer advice and support if you need it.

Posted 7 weeks ago

5 reasons people adore marquee weddings

If you are struggling with where to have your wedding or are looking for ideas, why not get in touch with the top team for wedding marquee hire Manchester has? We offer the chance to make your event a beautiful and memorable one. As a result we are a team to trust in.

A Unique Experience

Between the marquee, decorations and layout, you are guaranteeing your event will stand out from other people. A little bit of thought goes a long way into creating a memorable experience for all.

So Many Venue Choices

You don’t have to spend all your time and efforts trying to pick a venue you like in a great spot with everything you need. All you need is a space large enough for the marquee. You can go for the convenience of a family garden or travel to somewhere you want. What about a place with ties and memories related to you?

Design On A Blank Canvas

Do you know what theme you want or are you still thinking? Incorporate everything you want inside the space and style it as you wish. Stick with the white theme or fill it with colour. It is your say on what happens. Don’t forget, you have the outside space too.

The View

When you pick the right place it can be mesmerising to look at the outside. Don’t think you have to forget about it because you are inside the marquee. Our clear span style means that you can enjoy the sights even when staying within. If the weather calls for it, you can roll up the walls or move outside.


If you are currently planning an event or have in the past, you will know about the limitations that can vary between venues. It may be the allowed number of guests or the time when you want to hold your celebration. But forget about all that and party for as long as you want by giving Marquee Hire 4 You a call.

If you want to start booking the wedding marquee hire Manchester loves, you can reach us today. We have plenty of options and can also share useful tips and advice.

Posted 9 weeks ago

Make your corporate event stand out

When people think about the marquee hire Manchester has to offer them, their first thoughts are of parties and weddings. It is true that they are a great match. But, the uses of marquees extend beyond this, even to businesses.

Interesting Setting

So many business meetings and events are full of people stuck in a room waiting to leave. By using a company like ours you can provide plenty of space and fresh air. You can be different and get guests enjoying it and as such paying more attention.

Being able to choose the location allows you to cater for everyone attending. You can hold it where you think the most people would show up and network. There are so many types of corporate events and yet marquees are great for all of them.

Plenty Of Options

The space you need for the event is a huge influence on where you choose to hold it. Our options range in sizes, all you need is a place to put the marquee. From guest list sizes to requiring an area to place items like products for a launch party, you’ll have both a sheltered space and the outdoors.

The white backdrop offers both professionalism and personalisation opportunities. Depending on the type of event you are holding, you may want to keep it simple or go all out and make unique. A lot of venues including meeting rooms have many restrictions on them. Overcome these and reach out to us.

The fact that we can also provide you with furniture and equipment makes Marquee Hire 4 You a one stop shop. Our team provides people with marquee hire Manchester and surrounding areas can go to for a quality service every time. Make your corporate event an amazing one by contacting us.

Posted 12 weeks ago

Decorations can be as simple or complex as you'd like

British people are loving this heat wave, so make the most of it. We provide high quality garden marquees Manchester loves. There is no point cooping up inside in this weather. We can help you get a great space to appreciate this time of year.

Enjoy The Outside

Fresh air is good for both mental and physical health. People can forget when the weather is poor, so use this time now. You can bring people together; marquees are a perfect place for most events. You get to make the choices, including how to fill your time and space.

If you are looking for a way to enjoy your garden space, you could roll up the walls to blend inside and out. Or, why not choose a clear span marquee to make the most of the view already there?

What To Do About Decorations

A marquee can offer a perfect place to shelter from the heat, but don’t worry too much about decorations. Some people spend a lot of time and money on them because they want to, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

If you are wondering what to fill your marquee with, stick to some tables and chairs. As long as there is good company and somewhere to sit, people will be happy. If you do want something, bunting can provide colour without taking all your time and money to set up.

With the low costs of a marquee, you may want to spend a little more on the aesthetics. You can look at themes and filling your space with various activities for people to do. The number of choices is huge and you can go as extravagant or minimalist as you want.

When you want to host an event, look to Marquee Hire 4 You. Our products are a great choice for all occasions. Get in touch with us today to discover the garden marquees Manchester loves.

Posted 14 weeks ago

Great ideas for summer party activities

Summer is here! So why not use this time wisely and get outside? With a range of party tents Manchester loves, you can choose something perfect for your needs.

The Right Choice

With a marquee, you have an inside space for people to use as well as outside. We can also supply you with heaters too. Our marquees are very durable and perfect for all events year round!

With a marquee, you get to decide on the layout as well as the design of the tent. You can go simple by hanging a few lights, or go all-out with decorations. There are loads of colours and themes to choose from. If you would rather, you can choose our clear span marquee to blend inside and out.

What To Do?

If you are struggling to think of activities to fill the time, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. You can use both the marquee and outdoor space to fill your time. Here are some ideas you can choose from if you want some help:

Have a BBQ or a picnic so you can get everyone to chip in. Just remember to discuss it before everyone brings the same thing. For the adults, stock a range of alcohol and have a bar! Even if you want to bring children along, you can have a selection of mocktails too so that they feel like grown-ups.

Look at buying or renting a projector for a movie night. A blank marquee wall can make the perfect screen. You can make your own s'mores station and also bring a range of board games. Or if you’re looking to stay cool, you’re never too old for a water fight. The choices are endless.

If you are looking to keep your party going late into the night, why not try glow in the dark bowling? All you need is a ball and some bottles of water with glow sticks inside. It’s a simple idea yet provides lots of fun. A glow in the dark ring toss works as well. We have lighting options available if you want a lit space.

Marquee Hire 4 You is here to provide an excellent service. We offer a range of party tents Manchester can depend on. With additional furniture and equipment hire, we love helping you get exactly what you need.

Posted 15 weeks ago

Need a wedding venue? What about a marquee?

A wedding is a wonderful, memorable event for everyone involved. But, they can also be very stressful to plan. There are so many choices you have to make. Have you thought about contacting the most outstanding provider of wedding marquee hire Manchester has?

Overcoming Restrictions

When you are choosing a venue, there are limitations you have to deal with. There are often limits on how long you can spend there. Also, you may be able to find somewhere beautiful, but far from where you want to be.

Marquees allow you to overcome these issues. You can make the decisions, setting up in a location of your choice and designing it how you wish. If you prefer, you can have both an indoor and outdoor wedding in one. In addition, you can also roll up the walls if you want to open up your space.

You Make The Decisions

With our marquees you can get what you want. You have the freedom to choose a size you think would be perfect, whether it’s for the ceremony, the reception, or both.

More importantly, you have the opportunity to create your own design with a marquee. Think of it as a blank canvas where you can create anything you wish. You can even spend your time outside with the security of knowing that if the weather were to change or if you want to sit down, you can. You can create a setting that perfectly matches your tastes and desires.

Cost Effective

We have a range of marquees available. We can also supply you with furniture and equipment hire to make us a one stop shop for your needs.

Marquee Hire 4 You is the group of people to call to get your dream wedding. If you would like to talk in more detail, call us at 07933488539. We’d love the opportunity to tell you about why you should choose the wedding marquee hire Manchester can depend on.

Posted 18 weeks ago

You don't have to rely on the weather

When you’re holding an event, look to the highest quality marquee hire Manchester could ask for. It’s the perfect choice to allow you to have an outdoor event with an inside space too. Not only this, but there are fewer limitations when compared to looking at venues. You can decorate as you please without worrying about what time you have to pack up by.

You’ve probably felt as though the world is against you when the weather turns foul as soon as you are about to enjoy it. Forecasts aren’t accurate, and the weather can change quickly especially somewhere like Britain.

Why should this hold you back from hosting an amazing event? While we do suggest that you plan it for a day you think will be great for you, the weather changing doesn’t have to stop you if you select a marquee.

The Heat

You won’t have to send people home or go find somewhere warm when our portable heaters can keep the space comfortable. Be sure to include seating too so that everyone can sit down when they want to; this is also useful in the rain when the ground can become slippery.

Depending on what weather you see on the day there is a choice for people to be inside or out. Be sure to pick a marquee big enough for the amount of guests coming though. A sheltered space makes it easy to ensure nothing gets ruined, especially things like food.

The View

If you do pick a lovely warm day, you can combine your marquee with the rest of the outside by rolling up the walls. As a result you can enjoy the area you have decorated along with the wider environment.

Are you considering a winter setting? Clear walls allow you to be right in the middle while staying warm and cosy. There are a range of options and solutions for you.

The Lighting

No one wants to have to end an event early due to time limits on the venue, so don’t. Not only do you have no restrictions on how late you go to, but a range of lighting options helps you along the way. Clouds, fog and short days aren’t an issue when you can hang lights both inside and out. This allows you to enjoy yourselves.


The winds picking up are no problem either, as all the marquees we provide you with are extremely durable. This means they can withstand both the wind and any excitable guests. We only use the best materials so you can be assured of quality.

If you are looking to hold a great event, contact Marquee Hire 4 You now. Our courteous team love to help people throughout the process to make it as smooth as possible. Not only will you receive the best marquee hire Manchester and surrounding areas could ask for, but it’s also for an affordable price too.

Posted 20 weeks ago

Garden marquees even for uneven ground

With Marquee Hire 4 You, we will help you plan the perfect event. Supplying high quality garden marquees Manchester loves, we know that there can be obstacles with any project. We help you overcome, making it easier to plan. Our friendly team are always on hand to assist you, discussing how to hold a memorable event.

When you are planning you need to decide on the location. For those looking to use their garden, you may be worrying about how even it is. Not everyone has a perfect flat space to work with. We can help you to make your event great by supplying products that can be erected on a range of surfaces, including uneven ones.


If you are dealing with a problem like holes in the ground, you may decide to look at wood chips. This is a simple solution to cover your garden, giving a nice look. But, it may still make placing chairs and tables unsteady.

We supply a range of flooring options perfect to give you a flat surface. Whether you are looking for a dance floor or a wooden one with carpet, we can help. This is the best choice to make to ensure that you can seat people comfortably.

Adding flooring to your marquee is a great way to keep everyone happy. You get the best of both worlds, an indoor and outdoor space. This is perfect for when people get tired and want to sit down.

Additional items

It is important to consider weather changes and how long you want to keep your event going. We also offer lighting options and heaters to keep you and your guests comfortable. We can also help you arrange items such as chairs, tables and decorations. This gives you one less thing to think about so you can focus on more important decisions.

Marquee Hire 4 You will help you assemble and dismantle to ensure that the structure remains sturdy throughout your event. Being the best provider of garden marquees Manchester has to offer, we enjoy maintaining our great reputation. Contact us today to discuss why a marquee is perfect for so many different events.

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